Renew your Brickwork
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What is Repointing?

Repointing is cutting out the original mortar joints in the brickwork with electric hand grinders, to the required depth, and washing down the wall afterwards to prepare for repointing.

The style of the repointed finish will depend on matching any original pointing of the brickwork on the property or garden walls. Colour matching to the original mortar is also important for cosmetic reasons.

What Causes Your Property to Need Repointing?

The weather is one of the main causes of deterioration of the mortar joints in all brickwork. Sub-zero temperatures, frost and rain all contribute to the breakdown of mortar joints. Another reason for repointing is the evidence of damp penetration on interior walls. This is often a strong indication that repointing is required.

The age of the property or walls and wear and tear over decades, causing deterioration of the mortar joints will be another factor. Elevations facing certain directions are more prone to the weather elements.

Also of relevance is when the house was built, particularly properties built pre mid 1980s, as there was no ‘quality control’ on the mortar used at that time. This has resulted in some mortar joints deteriorating more quickly as the bricklayers, during the building of properties from the 1950s through to the 1980s, often added an incorrect / inferior substance in the water within the mortar mix, in order to make the mortar more pliable for a speedier way of bricklaying.

Repointing of Period Houses

Properties circa early 20th century and before, including Victorian properties, were built with a lime mortar mix. These types of properties require extra attention when repointing as the mortar joint sizes vary considerably and therefore particular care needs to be taken.

Stone Repointing

Properties and walls built in reconstructed stone or natural stone, which are very popular in Gloucestershire, often require a different style of repointing to brick built properties and walls. They may have a flush pointed finish of which I have extensive experience.

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